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document cannot be opened.. unique identifier is already open


My company regularly issues template documents with changes to server information. I cannot open new ones that are issued to copy anything out of them because I have a personal one that is a modified version of the one initially issued. 

I get the error:

This selected document cannot be opened because a document with the unique identifier is already open. This can happen if you copy a document file outside of Royal TS and open both at the same time.

Can you remove this feature? I really don't see how this is a benefit to anyone. If for some reason you firmly believe this has value, then can you offer a workaround to this? I actually have no idea how to fix this now except to completely abandon my personal document with many many changes and redo them in a newly issued document. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Anthony,

this is a bit tricky. Let me explain what's going on:

In the document, we store each object with a unique ID. These IDs are used to reference credentials, for example. So when you copy a document on the file system and try to open that while the original is still open in the same instance of Royal TS, we cannot really open it because IDs might not be unique anymore. Also, simply changing the IDs might have a major impact for assigned credentials (references will get lost).

So this isn't really a feature, it's more like a safety net.

Here's what you can do (please read careful to avoid any issues and always make backups of your files before you do the following):

a) you can still open the copy if you close the other document with the same ID. Once you do that, you can move the content to a new document (which has a new ID). Then close all document and open your "main" document which you are using for your primary work (where you need your references working!). Then if you open the new document where you moved the other stuff into, you will get prompted for duplicate IDs. You can then choose create new GUIDs for these objects (note that references in this file might get lost).

b) you open the "other" (not the primary doc) in a text editor and edit manually the ID of the document (RoyalDocument) object in the XML. Changing one character should be sufficient. Then do the same steps as above to create new GUIDs for duplicate object IDs.

To avoid the above completely, I strongly recommend to not simply copy document and rather use the PowerShell API we offer to create those template documents by script. That would be much safer.

I hope this helps.

If you have any further questions, let me know.


If i correct understand you advised create a new document then copy all contents to new document.

Yes, that would be the safest way.

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