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When navigation window is detached it goes missing

When you pop out the navigation window to maximise the available screen space for a remote session other windows get pulled in front of the navigation panel even when royalTS is selected as the active application, not sure if its a bug or setting option but I cant seem to make the navigation come to the fore when royaTS is selected.

Hi Stefan,

I will raise a ticket with the issue, basically the navigation bar when detached from the main application has interesting behaviour, it will get "stuck" behind other application windows, you click view -> Navigation and it stays stuck behind all the applications, you minimise the main royalTS window and select it again, still stuck behind other apps.

The only way to get it back to the foreground is to minimise all your other applications until you find the layer that navigation has decided to get stuck at and then you can use it again, sometimes this is the bottom on the desktop, sometimes it is infront of one application but behind another, its very random.

I have raised a ticket and attached a video demonstrating the behaviour I am seeing.



Hi Matthew,

I'm not sure I understand the issue. Would you be able to share a short video which shows the issue. If you don't want to publish the video here in our public forum, I recommend to open a support ticket here:

Thank you,

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