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RDP Connection bar disappearing after switching from Full Screen to Embedded and back to Full screen

I have an RDP connection set to connect/open in full screen mode. The connection bar appears and I can minimize/shrink window without issues using the connection bar. "Do not show connection bar' is not checked.

If I use the 'embed' option the window is embedded, but when I switch back to full screen mode the connection bar is missing. 

This is happening on a Microsoft Surface Book 2 (3000x2000 resolution, 200% scaling). I get the same results with high DPI scaling ON or OFF.

I'm new to Royal TS, installed yesterday, so I may have a setting issue, but I can't find an option that controls this. I have restarted Royal TS a few times and the problem is consistent.


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Hi Jason,

this is unfortunately a known issue with Microsoft's RDP AcrtiveX control which already exists for years and Microsoft still wasn't able to fix this. The only way to workaround the issue is to reconnect to the connection in full screen to get the connection bar again. I'm sorry I have no better news for you.


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