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Right click menu broke in beta 5.1.11029

If I right click on an object in the Nav tree, all I get is "Full Expand" and "Full Collapse".


I first noticed this after upgrading to 5.1.11029.  I am unsure of the version I upgraded from, but it would have been another beta version.

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I can confirm that this issue is fixed in beta 5.1.11031.

Thanks, Stefan!

Hi Mark,

the new version of the UI library we are using introduced a "new" feature which prevents our popup to show up. I've fixed the issue and the next release will show the correct popup menu again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks, Stefan.  Do you have an ETA for the next beta release?

For anyone looking for a workaround.  The right-click menu does work from the Dashboard.

Safe to roll back?

I have the same issue (Windows 10).

Menu key on keyboard can be used as workaround:

You can rollback but I will be able to push out another release later today. Sorry again for the inconvenience!

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