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How to Auto Fill inner frame elements?

I've got a SonicWALL I'm trying to set up for Auto Fill, and it's presenting a bit of an challenge. The problem is that the SonicWALL login page is a frameset (yuck!) and the login page is an inner frame of that.

If I point Auto Fill at the inner URL ("auth1.html") I can have it fill out the fields, but then the page opens a new window (presumably because the parent frame no longer exists).

Manual jQuery selectors don't work either. From what I can tell, accessing inner frames via jQuery requires at least some use of javascript to get the frame content and then query inside of that.

Is there a solution to this or am I out of luck?

Hi Greg!

I'm afraid Auto Fill will not work in this scenario. You may be able to setup a key sequence task and let Royal TS type the credentials for you.


I tried that too, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Here is my key sequence:


It seems to leave out or skip the first character of each value, it doesn't Tab correctly, and Enter causes the window menu (normally Alt+Space, Restore/Minimize/etc.) to pop up. So if I'm using "greg/password" all I get is "regassword" in the username field and then the menu showing up in the top left corner.


I've seen this behavior and it's discussed here:

It seems that the newer chrome versions have issues with keyboard automation. In IE it seems to work fine. Adjusting the pause between the key strokes and increasing the initial delay seems to improve things:

According to some users, the {ENTER} sequence at the end is also not working correctly. Other tools (like Silenium) which are using Chrome to automate keyboard input struggle with the same issue. I haven't found a workaround yet.

If you omit the last enter sequence and adjust the timing, you may at least get half way there.

Sorry I have no better news for you at the moment.



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