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MFA for Secure Gateway

=== Feature Enhancement Request ===

We're trying out the Multifactor Authentication (MFA, a.k.a, two-factor or 2FA) feature on the Document Store on Royal Server.  It works great!  But that's not quite what we needed.

Can we do MFA on the Royal Server Secure Gateway?  For instance, when the engineers arrive in the morning they would have to MFA to get their first connection through the Secure Gateway but after that, all new sessions would go through the Secure Gateway without re-checking the MFA.

There should probably be a setting for Maximum-Session-Time to time-out the session and force the MFA to repeat.  We'd probably set ours to 30 hours or something to let users get a full day's work in.  

We use Duo Security here but the Microsoft Authenticator is a valid second option for us.

Thank you.

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We have no specific date right now. We are currently reworking the Royal Server console UI and we are not really sure how long this will take but we aim for May, hopefully April.

New UI looks very good! Hopefully we have a full release shortly! Our team is dying to get this but in-stable!

The official version of Royal TS Gateway with MFA was released ?

Thank you

Still in beta but the release is just around the corner. Stay tuned...

Hi Koell,

as our Security Company push us to move away from Royal TS if not MFA implement, can you please indicate a deadline for the official release ? We need to indicate this info in order to have internal approval for a security exception. aka accept the risk for some time ....

Thank you

I can't really tell the exact date, sorry. All I can say is that we are currently working on finalizing everything for the release. I surely hope it will be before the end of August - probably/hopefully earlier.

Hi Koell

any new on this ?

thank you

Hi Serban,

yes, we released our new major versions a couple of days ago. See:


Good news Stefan !

We will test the new version with MFA and provide feedback.


we tested and is working fine. Clean and simple as we wish. Good job !

We used a trial license 30 days in order to test. 

How can we convert the version 4 permanent license in a version 5 permanent license ?

Thank you

Hi Serban,

I recommend you contact our support team with the license details of your current license to work out how to upgrade your license:


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