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Set Logging Path for all users

My org uses XenApp to launch Royal TS (for admins/super users). I've been asked to turn on logging for Putty for all users that launch Royal TS. I can turn it on for myself, but is there a way to deploy this setting for all users?

Hi Jarred,

it depends how you or your users have setup the documents. Usually, there's a shared document for the connections and a personal document with personal credentials which are then referred to by name. See:

In this scenario, you just use bulk-edit and set all your PuTTY based connections up to use logging in the shared connection document.


So what I'm gathering here is this is not possible. Everyone in my org setup their own documents.

I'm afraid we don't have a solution for this. What you could do is to write a powershell script which modifies each document to use a specific log configuration for the connections but this would also require you to know each document password.

What we generally recommend is to use shared connection files with personal credentials as mentioned in my link earlier.

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