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Change terminal color palette on the fly

I currently utilize connection specific and over-ride color palettes. What would be nice is if I could change the color scheme and font configuration of a live connection. Many times I jump into a meeting and need to present something on a projector which requires wildly different settings than what I usually use. Due to the variation of connection types and methods, creating templates for each of those variations isn't very feasible. It looks like someone logged this request for RoyalTSx but it hasn't made its way to RoyalTS. Is this possible with Rebex?

I guess it is ;) But don't tell anyone!

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"When we do the rendering ourselves..." <- Is this a subtle drop!? ;)

I agree, a preview would be nice but since the rendering is done in an external component which cannot really be used without a connection, I'm hesitant to show something rendered on my own. It may not be exactly what it is after the connection has been established. Maybe we can address this in the future when we do the rendering ourselves...

This may be too much, but it would be nice if you had an "example" set of text that was shown when configuring text and gave a live display of what your options would look like. It would have to include example text from each option, but would go a long way in preventing the current trial and error process of modifying colors.

Will this also include font type and size?

Hi Ryan,

I think my previous post caused some confusion, sorry!

The plan is to let the user configure all possible options. It may be confusing for the user when he sees an option which isn't available in the plugin he is using but we may be able to make this somehow visible in the UI and explain why the option is here.

The bigger issue is the RegEx color config. Imagine someone configures text highlighting for a typical dark background, light color foreground and configures the highlight color to be light background and dark foreground for better contrast. If the user now switches to an "invers" color scheme, the text highlighting will be not noticeable. We may also put some work into detecting this scenario and warn the user that the text highlighting might not be what he wants after switching the color scheme on the fly...

I can see how the 3 different implementations could be confusing. My only thought is that you'd allow someone to configure all possible color scheme options, and the relevant connection would only use what it's capable of using. That seems more preferable than only showing options that exist on all 3, and then running into issues when RegEx highlighting doesn't look good because you can't configure it.

Hi Ryan,

thanks for the clarification. We do have a feature request regarding easier color scheme handling for terminal connections:

The main issue at this point is that we currently have 3 different terminal implementation. While all 3 have the same ANSI based color scheme, some allow you to specify additional colors (like cursor colors, for example). When we offer a new type of object for color schemes, we need to come up with something which will consistently work for all implementations). Another challenge could be the color highlighting feature for RegEx. If this has been configured for a connection, switching the color scheme could result in a not so ideal highlighting configuration with the new theme.

I'm open for suggestions. We could just ignore the highlighting issue and offer a color theme object with the largest common denominator...



I see what you mean. You can change colors on the fly. I think my hope was it could be made easier? Like when I have a terminal window selected, it's in a drop down in the "actions" menu? It would be nice if I could have presets defined in there that would not permanently change the connection. Usually when I need to change colors on the fly, I don't actually want that change to persist perpetually. Additionally, if I could have custom named presets, like, "Projector" that has my color and font combo for presenting on a projector.

Just an idea! Thanks!

Hi Ryan,

changing colors while connected should be possible or am I missing something? What request are you referring to on the macOS side?


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