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Themes within RoyalTS

Hi there,

what about a theme switcher for terminal connections (Ribbon) within RoyalTS? There are some great ones out there (monekai, solarized dark/bright, base64) which can be included in the standardset?

If needed I can also extract the Colors from Conemu and list here.

Kind regards,


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Well I have reread also the opening post and yes. My request is to have some pre defined color definitions for the ANSI colors. So you can pretty fast switch between themes and can compare them and use whatever you want.

Currently I am copy&pasting the hex codes from conemu everytime I want to switch a theme. In the evening I like dimmed light and dark themes with bright text color (currently Monekai) while at daytime I use bright background and a dark text (currently solarized bright).

Kind regards,


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Hi Stefan,

I guess your request and the request you linked in your own reply are two different feature requests. As I understand your request, you want to switch pre-defined color palettes of the ANSI colors on the fly. The linked feature request is related to highlighting specific keywords in the output - independently from the color palette.

If I'm misunderstanding your feature request, please clarify.



Was too fast. It's a dupe request and already answered here:


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