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duplicate ad-hoc

when duplicated a session, royalts asks me for credentials.

how can duplicate and have it take the same credentials as the original session?

i see a year old form post about ad-hoc sessions inheriting properties... 

in my case the original credentials are "same as parent". the ad-hoc opens under different branch in the tree. is that the issue? i wouldn't want to stop using "same as parent" just fix the duplicate behavior. 


There are a couple of different ways to do ad hoc connections. When you use the Connect with Options menu, make sure the Prompt for Credentials option is not checked. If you are using a different method, please provide more details about your setup.


i'm unable to reproduce it now.

looks like it's a mistake and it has to do with adding/removing config files from royal TS.

Should you see this issue again, let me know the repro steps. I'm happy to look into it.

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