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Site Licence - Limitations / Maintenance


I got two questions:

- What are the limitations of the Site Licence, like is it limited to a Domain, Server or a Subnet?

- What happens if the maintenance for the Site License expires? I know that you can further use Royal TS but without Updates or with minor Updates only. Would be interesting to know if it's the same way for a Site License.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi and thanks for asking this question here in our forums.

If you follow this link to the licensing FAQs for the product you are interested in:

You will find an explanation about the difference between a Site and Global license:

A site license grants you the right to install and use the software for all your employees (unlimited users) for a single site (single office). A global license grants you the right to install and use the software for all your employees (unlimited users) for multiple sites (multiple offices/branch offices).

So in general, our products are licensed on a per user basis. It doesn't really matter how many connections or where the connection's destination is.

Your 2nd question is also covered in the FAQ:

How long is my license valid?

Royal TS is licensed via a perpetual license for the version purchased, with no annual or recurring fees required. For example: If you purchase a license for Royal TS V4, all minor version (Royal TS V4.1, V4.2, etc. are covered by the license. Once, the next major version (V5) is released, a new license key is required. Each license includes a "software maintenance" (see below) and users with active software maintenance will get the license key for the next major version for free.

What happens when my software maintenance plan expires?

You can still use the version of Royal TS you obtained the license for (see above: "How long is my license valid?") and you will also have access to minor product updates for the version you purchased or the version you got during the software maintenance.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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