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Open folder after delay

I need to set a delay before opening a folder within an RDP connection. The command task alone is firing too quickly. I figured this may be a combination of command task and key sequence. Anyone have any tips? The folder is within program files.

Hi Cody,

can you describe in more detail how your connection and task is set up? In general, when you have a command task, you have to specify a delay yourself using the timeout command, for example:


I cannot have the file to run it on the server itself. I have tried a few things, but am unable to get have the program files folder open within the rdp connection after the desktop is reached. Again, the setting cannot be saved inside the actual server, as they are reset every few days.

I'm sorry but I still have no idea what you are trying to do. Can you provide screenshots and a more detailed description about the scenario? You can also open a support ticket to handle this privately in case you do not want to share screenshots publicly:

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