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Lastpass MFA authenticator push

When using Lastpass with MFA enabled using push authentication in the Lastpass authenticator, RoyalTS doesn't provide any user feedback to indicate that the user should approve the auth request in their Lastpass authenticator. Instead, the RoyalTS window freezes for 15-20 seconds after the user submits their Lastpass password.

If the user approves the push notification on their mobile device while RoyalTS is not responding, the login completes, but if they wait instead, then RoyalTS will eventually start responding again and then present a dialog prompting for an authentication passcode. By this time, the push notification has expired and the user must type in a passcode to authenticate.

RoyalTS should instead provide a notification that the user can approve the MFA authentication in their Lastpass authenticator app if applicable as well as provide the option to authenticate with a passcode.

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Hi Andrew,

you are right. At the moment Royal TS/X behaves differently because of the way we are using their API. I've updated the KB article to better explain the limitation:

In short, once the OTP dialog appears, you have to enter the code.

I'm sorry I have no better news for you.


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