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Sticky Credentials

Hello fellow admins,

    The question we have....or more like the frustration we while using RoyalTS and logging on to servers with credentials stored in RoyalTS.....when we toggle back to our desktop, our IE/Chrome doesn't like the credentials we've "carried" over. Example:

I log in to my PC with....domain\myusername

I open up RoyalTS....log on to several servers with  domain\farmadmin domain\serveradmin etc.....

I toggle back to my desktop browser (IE/Chrome) and have issues surfing the web.  Reason being....the farmadmin/serveradmin accounts do not have internet access.  

How do we break the stickiness? 

Hi Greg,

this seems not to be directly related by Royal TS, as the Chromium engine and the RDP ActiveX component are completely independent from each other. This must be caused by something outside of Royal TS. Based on personal experience and a similar ticket quite a while ago this sounds more like a company firewall which is tracking on which Windows machine which user is logged in (user-based corporate firewall).

So when you login on a Windows machine using an user account without allowed internet access, your corporate firewall believes that said user seems to be logged in on your machine, therefore blocking internet access.

Just to verify: Can you please try disabling following option and let me know if the issue persists: View - Plugins - Remote Desktop - Dashboard - Automatically show terminal sessions.



Hey Patrick

  So I removed the Automatically show terminal sessions check mark, saved all, closed, re-opened...still same thing. :( 

Hi Greg,

have you the possibility reaching out to the network department? I'm still quite sure it must be anything related to a corporate-firewall.

Based on the information from our devs, the "Terminal Sessions" dashboard is the only functionality which performs a login event on the machine, which might be tracked by firewalls. (The reason is that the "Terminal Sessions API" from Windows doesn't allow using specific credentials in an other way)



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