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Vsphere Vapp display problem

I have noticed something with the display of the vsphere, if a virtual machine is in a Vapp it does not display the datacentre it just says "unknown"

Anyone know why this would be?

Hi Matthew,

can you please provide more details what you're meaning exactly? Attaching a few screenshots might also help. Thanks!



On the vsphere page when it is open and you sort by data centre I have a batch of virtual machines all of which are a member of the same vApp that display "unknown" as their Data Centre, all my other Data Centres are fine and have the virtual machines correctly sorted.

I cant really attach pictures as it is a commercial environment and I cant share the data.

Ah, understand! I completely forgot about vApps as I haven't used one in the last years. However - can you please verify that you're running the latest Royal TS release? We have some improvements in the new VMware module when detecting datacenters of VMs in the past. Maybe that might fix this as well.

The download is available over here:

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