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VMware Console access

I can connect to the esx and see status, start and stop but when I try console adhoc access nothing happens.  Is there more configuration I need to do?

Hi Mark,

I'm assuming that you're selecting "Connect (Ad-Hoc) - VMware Instance (Console)"? If so, have you any tool installed on your machine which can handle the "vmrc://" URI we trigger in Royal TS? Like the free VMware Remote Console, VMware Workstation Player or something like VMware Workstation Pro.

Best regards,


Yes that is what I am trying to do and I have not installed anything.  Are they installed on the esx host or the virtual machines?

We don't ship any tools to establish connections to virtual machines running on the VMware platform for legal reasons - as they are using their own VNC-like implementation. Please install the free VMware Remote Console on your machine to be able to open "vmrc://" links:

Thank you.  That solved my issue.

You're welcome, Mark! :)

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