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Lost connections after update


Today I installed the latest Update for Royal TS5 and lost all connections and credentials after it.

Is there a chance to get them back or have I to recreat all manually?


Hi Arne,

I'm pretty sure the connections and credentials are not lost. Royal TS opens files containing the data and I suspect that for whatever reason those files are not opened automatically. You should be able to open them manually from the location where you stored them. In case the files are really deleted (what I doubt), you can check for the automatic backup files using this KB article:

I hope this helps.


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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the hope :-) Do you have a tipp where I find the files location as default?

Wow, great... I tried to find the settings and see the item "Last used".

There it is.

Thanks a lot!

Glad you found it!

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