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KeePass -- how update/refresh credentials?

I have opened an external credential vault, as per the instructions, and the credentials from my keepass now show up as a 'document' and are available for use.

However, if I select a credential and click 'properties' I can edit the fields -- username, password etc.  There is no 'save' button though, just 'close', and any changes I make are not persisted either in keepass or royal ts.

Also, if I update the details instead directly in keepass, the changes are not reflected in royal ts until I close and re-open the application, losing all my connections etc.

Any ideas? I assume this is not intended behaviour.


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Hi Chris,

I'm sorry for the confusion. You are right, you can't actually update/modify the KeePass credentials in Royal TS directly. Once you open the KeePass Vault, the "converted" document with the credentials are actually all read-only. If you need to change credentials, you still need to use KeePass itself to update them. Once you did that, you can easily pull in those changes in Royal TS by right-clicking the document and hit Reload.

Let me know if this helps.


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