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Royal TS crashes / freezes when sorting large folders

As mentioned above RTS freezes when you try to sort a folder with many files in it. 

My folder has about 315 Files and even the Explorer needs some time to load it. 

Maybe it would be better to implement a asynchron task.

Hi Timo,

I'm not sure I completely understand what you mean by "Explorer". Can you open a support ticket here:

Provide some information, maybe a short video which shows the issue.

Thank you,

Uh sorry, 

with the 'Explorer' i meant the SFTP / SCP connection. 

In there you can sort by size, date or name - while not all files are loaded and you sort in this process of loading files it freezes the client.

Im using the Beta Version - so i guess a support ticket is not the right way to report a bug? 

Didn't found a button to make a report in-client.

Changing the sort order should not take long. A ticket will be much appreciated, especially when you provide more details (like videos and information not really intended for a public forum).

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