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winbox plugin

I have to administer Mikrotik firewalls/routers for clients and would like to integrate this with Royal TS.

I see a Mikrotik plugin for Remote Desktop Manager so they must offer an API for connectivity.

Is this forthcoming?

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Hi Michelle,

there's no such plugin for Royal TS at the moment and we also don't have something on the roadmap short- or mid-term. I'm not really familiar with their products but if they offer a web interface you can integrate it with Royal TS easily using the web page connection. If they have a desktop application for management, you could try to integrate it using the external application connection.


Winbox for Mikrotik management would be a nice plugin

Since we just had a support ticket in this regard, here's the setup for winbox using External Application:


  • the first argument is the IP address you want to connect to
  • the username and password needs to be configured in the Credentials section
  • also make sure the path to the winbox.exe is correct in the main page and in the process tracking


It'd be an awesome plugin! As an external application it does not work with the Secure Gateway/jump box functionality as far as I could work out...Would be great for it to be integrated and working with Secure Gateway.

Hi Nathan,

if the app supports specifying a custom port, it should also work with the secure gateway. Can you share some screenshots how you implemented your external app?


But how does the Secure Gateway know where to redirect the connection?


Assuming that you can specify computer name/ip and port in the arguments, the configuration would look like this:

Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks! That works great! It is not very intuitive compared to configuring the other plugins though - maybe the Computer Name and Port fields could be included in the first tab?


I'm glad it's working for you. I've discussed your proposal and putting the computer name and port on the main page might even be more confusing for users - as this is only needed when working with a secure gateway. Since this is a more advanced scenario with special requirements we decided to put this also in the "Advanced" section. Btw, our docs explain how to make use of the tokens:


Has anyone been able to get WinBox to open in the tab (embedded)?  In particular, if you have multiple WinBox connections running?

Yes, but it seems to pick a random (often wrong) winbox window to embed in the tab.



Im trying this configuration proposed by Stefan (Winbox + Gateway config) but it disconnects after a new seconds. I would love to get this working. Is it still possible?

Hi Gertjan,

I think you need to figure out why it disconnects after a few seconds. I'm not really familiar with the product but since Royal TS is simply calling the executable with arguments, it should be straightforward to get it working outside of Royal TS. Once this works, I'm happy to help with the external application configuration.


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your quick response, i did not make it clear but it is perfectly working via the direct approach.

It is simply not working via the gateway or atleast it connects and available but disconnects after a few seconds.

Are there any logs i can provide?

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