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Beta V5 CustomProperties in KeySequenceBroadcaster


the Insert Menu in the KSB does not show the CustomerProperties like the custom fields.



Hi Benedikt,

there's a menu entry called "Custom Property" which is just a "helper" to clarify the syntax. Since custom properties are dynamic in nature, you need to make sure you specify the correct name ("Alphanumeric Title Without Spaces"), hence the value: 


I hope this helps.


Hi Stefan,

but when I define a CustomProperty with the same name and different values on each connections, it would be great to use it in the KSB?!



I know but I'm afraid that's not possible. Since this is all depending on the context connections, we can't really check and process them all every time the context menu is opened. This would be too expensive if you have many connections. I'm afraid that's the only practical way to handle this.

 too bad :(
but thanks for the answer

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