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Web Page - Entering "Auto Fill" always result in error

Each time I enter "Auto Fill" Royal TS failes to show the page and an error is displayet.

I tryed to install an Older version (3.3.61216 build #61216) here auto Fill works fine.

But 4.2.61424.10000 fails each time.

(on the same system)

Hi Patrik

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
VersionĀ 10.0.16299 Build 16299


16gb of ram installed and about 9gb are available.

Royal TS uses about 267,5MB (after loading the test ts dokument from the video).

Entering into "auto Fill" it will use 290,4MB.

Soo I still have about 8GB RAM before my system will have to resolve to use the pagefile.

Using the Google Chrome plugin I experience theĀ same issues, additionally It will also fail to connect showing "Win32 299" or "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object"

Hi Anders! When searching for the "win32 299" error I was able to find some hints regarding file system or memory errors. Unfortunately no specific hints what goes wrong here.

A few questions:

- Which exact Windows 10 version are you using?

- Are you using a x86 or x64 OS?

- Does the Google Chrome plugin work, or do you experience similar issues?

- How many RAM your machine is having and how many is in use when you try opening the AutoFill dialog?



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