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Start a CMD session in a remote 2012 / 2016 box

Okay I have loads of commands scripted i run under a command prompt like reg queries etc. I can’t use powershell remotely because the boxes are locked down. I like this method because I can automate 30/40 boxes in one go. How can I send a remote key stroke to open the command prompt like I currently do easily in 2008? On the box the quickest way is to use LWIN & R and type cmd. However I don’t see a {HOLD:LWIN} option to get the run command up so I can run CMD. Any help appreciated Mike
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Hi Mike,

practically it might be possible greating a more complex key sequence task to do longer scripting tasks on various machines, however it's strongly recommended not doing so. When executing a key sequence tasks, the saved keys are being emulated on your local machine. So when you open, for example, notepad during automated typing of a longer command, the command will be continued typing within the notepad window. This way even your passwords might be typed visible in any other windows, which gains the focus - also on any notifications, or popping up windows.

So when performing key sequence tasks through multiple servers, this might even get worse, when any emulated key is not sent over to the remote machine correctly. From our past experience the ActiveX RDP control by Microsoft, what Royal TS takes use of, is not really reliable when sending keystrokes to the other RDP side.

If you're sure you want to continue going that way, we're still glad to assist you anyway. However, we strongly recommend not doing so and taking advantage and use of PowerShell. (and unblocking PowerShell on the remote systems)



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