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Web Pages Not Working Over Secure Gateway


Can't connect to firewall web management (SonicWall) over Secure Gateway. The tunnel always connects, then passively disconnects without explanation, usually within a minute. Executing any changes on the web page (such as invoking a "Login") automatically closes the connection.

What I've tried:

1. UNCHECKED "Allow Open Window" under JavaScript settings

2. CHECKED "Disable Built-In Plugins"

3. CHECKED "Disable Web Security"

4. CHECKED "Disable XSS Auditor"

5. CHECKED "Use Basic Authentication"

6. CHECKED "Ignore Certificate Errors"

This seems to affect all web interfaces, not just firewalls/SonicWalls.

The logs don't indicate anything other than "...tunnel has been established" and "...tunnel has been closed."

I'm running Royal TS (Windows) while connected to a Royal Server.

Royal TS Version: 4.2.61424.10000

Royal Server Version: 2.0.61231.0

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