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Inherited custom properties are lost on duplicate connections

We have custom properties that are inherited. When I duplicate a connection, the resultant ad-hoc connection does not inherit the custom properties as I would hope. is there a way to make ad-hoc connections copy or mirror the applied custom properties to the source connection during duplication?

Hi Ryan,

can you share more details about how exactly you duplicate the connection?


When I have an existing active connection which utilizes inherited custom properties, and I want to open a second connection to the same server, I do 1 of 2 things.

1. Right click on the active connection and select "Duplicate (Ad hoc)". The resultant connection is placed in my Application -> Ad hoc folder where it cannot inherit the properties.

2. Double-click on the connection in my navigation panel, which functions identically to option 1.

Thanks for the details, Ryan! You are right, the custom properties will not be copied over at the moment. I will add this fix to the next release. Note that the custom properties will not be copied over if the document of the originating connection is locked down (for security reasons).


Thanks Stefan!

Fix is already implemented. The next release will be ready in two or three weeks...

Well that was speedy! I appreciate the quick response and look forward to testing it.

Yep, was an easy fix ;) A beta version may be ready earlier...

Hey Stefan, it looks like this issue has regressed. I'm using Version (Stable) macOS.

@Matt, can you please post on the MacOS forum or open a support ticket? Thanks!

@Stefan Koell, Sure can!

Let me know if you need any more info

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