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Putty SSH on 4K Screen

Unfortunately when i use Putty on my Notebook with 4K Screen, the font of the putty console is huge.

Yes i can change the font size, however i am synchronizing the file with other devices, and when one does not have a 4K screen, the font is suddenly very small.

Using Rebex works, however i can't use Rebex for every connection since Putty is the only one supporting tunnels.

Maybe you can add tunnels support to Rebex? I found this:

Hi Sascha,

unfortunately we cannot really change PuTTY's behavior here. We are using the binaries directly and just set up temporary session configuration in the registry.

Regarding the tunnel support: depending on your requirement we do have transparent tunneling supported in Royal TS. See:

Using the Secure Gateway object, you can define a SSH tunneling host (a Royal Server instance or any other standards complient SSH server with tunneling supprt -such as OpenSSH) and let Royal TS dynamically do a local port forwarding to your destination host (behind the gateway).

Let me know if this helps.


Ah. Thanks for the reply.

i saw secure gateway, but when i checked the configurations i was not sure it is what i needed. I might check it again.

Coming from MobaXterm which i think also uses PuTTY without the issues on 4K Screens, i thought it might be possible. But maybe they modify PuTTY themself.

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