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Cannot pass multipe parameters to PowerShell command


I can't seem to pass username and password to a powershell script properly.

I setup a task like this:

-NoProfile -NoExit "$user = '$EffectiveUsername$';$pass = '$EffectivePassword';(echo $user $pass)"

This only returns the password, does not return username.

If I set this to:

-NoProfile -NoExit "$user = '$EffectiveUsername$';$pass = '$EffectiveUsername$';(echo $user $pass)"

This returns the username twice as expected, no problems. (NOTE, both variables are are set to return username).

However, this works as expected:

-NoExit echo $EffectiveUsername$ $EffectivePassword$

Bug? Am I missing something?

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Hi Jon,

token resolution should work for the command, assuming that the document is not locked down:

If your document is not locked down, it would be best to open a new support ticket and send us a sample document with the task configuration:


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