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Full Screen Resize Issue


i'm using a MacBook Pro with 2 connected screens.

On one screen is Royal TSX Version 3.2.8 in FullScreen (via Magnet or via Alt-+).

After the initial start and the change to take the full screen, everything is fine.

But after the first connection the windows resizes and it shrink by about 10px.

When i resize it everything is ok, but after a change to another connection (i do not have to open it) the resize 10 px appears again.

It is not important which kind of connection it is.

RDP, Terminal, Website. Everything the same.

It is also not important on which screen the window is. MacBook screen or the attached ones.

Also the resize appears when i only use the MacBook without anything connected.

I've attached 2 screenshots.

One right after the start and a Fullscreen-Switch.

The second one after a successful connection. You can see my background an the right side.

Maybe it is a bug or i'm using it wrong.

I've this issue for about 3 month now. I think it came after a RoyalTS Update, but i'm not sure about it.



(109 KB)
(234 KB)

Hi Alexander,

do you by any chance have "Preferences - User Interface - Connection Tabs - Automatically resize window to session size" enabled?



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Yes, that was it.

Sorry for my stupidity.

Or as i would say it in german: "Ich k├Ânnte vor Scham im Boden versinken".

Thanks for showing not the software is the problem.

It is almost always the human using it... :-)



No worries, Alex! Actually it shouldn't resize the window ever in full screen mode so this may also be classified as bug.

You should disable the setting anyway because it will go away in a future release of Royal TSX. It wasn't well supported ever so we decided to completely get rid of it.

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