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Floating Laptop/Desktop (Mac and PC) Issues

Hey all, what do I need to do so my documents are sync'd between platforms? I own a mac and a pc license and also Royal Server. I have the Royal Server hosted in my lab. I connect to it when I'm traveling via the Gateway feature. When I do updates to my connections document from my MacBook Pro (traveling or local) those changes only commit to my MacBook. If I 'Open Royal Server Document' on my PC and do any modifications from there I do NOT see the changes when I open the same document from the server on my MacBook Pro.

How do I keep all this sync? I do not have them opened at the same time, but they dont seem to be committing changes.

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this should work if you are using Royal Server's document store feature and open/save those docs on the server. In order to diagnose this issue, I kindly ask you to open a support ticket here:

Please include which exact versions of Royal Server, Royal TS/X you are using and some screenshot which shows the configuration of your document setup.


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