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Mousewheel support for tmux/screen scrollback

I have a number of Linux machines configured with tmux and/or screen, which provide their own internal scrollback features. Both can be configured to do scrolling and selection of this scrollback with the mouse. As it currently stands (using the Rebex-based terminal), clicking the mouse buttons will do the selection within tmux/screen, while shift-clicking will do the selection within RoyalTS. I am happy enough with this. However, I cannot see a means to send the mousewheel input to the SSH session. Both wheel and shift-wheel try to scroll the RoyalTS scrollbar. I have tried setting the Scrollback Lines option to 0 for the connections (and the scrollbar indicates this is set), but scrolling the mouse wheel still shifts the window content up and down. Remote programs that utilise their own internal scrollback do not render to RoyalTS's scrollback, so when the window content is moved, all you see is text from before the remote program was started. Can Rebex be configured to passthrough the mousewheel directly to the SSH connection? If not, could it, in the future?
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it seems that rebex isn't handling this. I'm not sure if they can support this in the future as this is a 3rd party component. You can use their forums to ask them for support here:

In addition, I will also write to their support with your feature request. The more feedback they get, the better the chance they implement it ;)


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