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External Application Template - $EffectiveUsername$


I created a template for "external application".
As command line argument I used 
"-user=$EffectiveUsername$ -pw=$EffectivePassword$"

 When I create a new object based on that template these variables are gone / empty.

Is this as expected?




these replacement tokens are only resolved when a template is used to connect using a "context-connection". When you create a new connection based on a template,, I recommend using the credentials page in the template connection to pre-configure username and password.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks for your response.
This will not help as the username/password are different for every connection  created from this template.

I think I can live with the option to not use templates but to copy an existing connection.

btw, I'm connecting to SAP systems via sapshcut.exe and I'd like to use the following arguments:
-maxgui -system=SID -client=000 -user=$EffectiveUsername$ -pw=$EffectivePassword$ -language=E

Just in case anybody searches for this kind of information - or maybe you have another proposal?

system, client, user and pw are variables you have to set when creating a new conenction based on a template/the copy-source connection




Hi Michael,

maybe I misunderstood. If you are creating those connections using a template in context of an existing connection (with configured credentials), it should resolve to the actual credentials.

To discuss this further I suggest you open a ticket here:

Include screenshots or a short video which shows your configuration and the workflow.


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