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Application freeze with SSH Connection

I am having an issue where if I close Royal while an active SSH is in session, it locks up and i have to force close it.

I am unable to locate if this is an active bug or not. It does say at the bottom, Document 'Connections' was saved and merged, but it just sits there and i have to force close it.

Windows 10 64-bit / Royal TS 4.2.61030.100000

Hi Mike,

are you using PuTTY or Rebex as the SSH plugin when the freeze appears?



Oh sorry, that's a good detail. I am using the Putty plugin. I have not tried the others. I will give that a shot.

FYI, I have not had any lock ups with Rebex :( which is a shame because i do not like it as much haha. Glad to know I have a work around though should the freezes get in the way!

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