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Application freeze with SSH Connection

I am having an issue where if I close Royal while an active SSH is in session, it locks up and i have to force close it.

I am unable to locate if this is an active bug or not. It does say at the bottom, Document 'Connections' was saved and merged, but it just sits there and i have to force close it.

Windows 10 64-bit / Royal TS 4.2.61030.100000

Hi Mike,

are you using PuTTY or Rebex as the SSH plugin when the freeze appears?



Oh sorry, that's a good detail. I am using the Putty plugin. I have not tried the others. I will give that a shot.

FYI, I have not had any lock ups with Rebex :( which is a shame because i do not like it as much haha. Glad to know I have a work around though should the freezes get in the way!

After 5 years freezes with Putty-plugin is actually (((( Please, fix


can you provide more details? What version of Royal TS are you using? When does the freeze happen? Can you always reproduce it? If so, what are the repro steps? Can you try on a different computer and see if you also see these freezes?

I'm asking because we haven't had any tickets lately in this regard and we don't see any freezes when using PuTTY.



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