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Integrated TightVNC Visual C++ detection issue

I'm getting an error icon when trying to open a VNC connection, saying that the Visual C++ runtime is not installed. I downloaded and tried installing the x64 version just to notice that I do have it installed, in fact a newer version than the one in the download page that the button took me to.

Also, if I click OK in the dialog with the "errors" and download prompts, I'm actually able to connect successfully.

So the seems to be that Royal TS is not detecting the Visual C++ runtime (maybe only certain versions of it?). I imagine the newer version that I have installed might have come from either of these:

- Windows' Fall Creators' Update.

- Visual Studio 2017.

C   another version already installed.PNG
(18.5 KB)
C   version.PNG
(18.6 KB)
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this is a known issue. Sometimes the runtime detection doesn't work - especially when Visual Studio is installed. In this case, check the box "Do not show this again" and hit OK. All should work then.

We are also working on a version where the VC runtime is not needed anymore.


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