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Auto Fill for Web Pages with custom property of credential


I have a question referring to the Auto Fill feature for Web Pages: Is it possible to reference a custom property or field that is stored at the used credential? We have to login with two passwords and I don't want to save the second password directly at the Web Page as custom field/property because it's sensitive data.

Does Auto Fill support this scenario? If not, is there some sort of workaround to resolve our problem?



Hi Matthias,

you should be able to refer to a custom property using the following syntax:


Just replace the "AlphanumericTitleWithoutSpaces" with the actual title/label of your custom field but only letters and numbers - without any blanks.

Let me know if this works.


Hi Stefan,

I know that it works that way, when the CustomProperty is stored directly in the Remote Desktop Connection, but in my case I want to store the CustomProperty in a Credential since it contains sensitive data. Here's an example of my desired configuration to make it clear:

- Document "ACME"

    - Web Page "ACME-Citrix"

- Document "Credentials"

    - Credential "ACME-Citrix-Personal

Here is what my Auto Fill settings look like on Web Page "ACME-Citrix"


But since the CustomProperty "RsaPin" is not stored in the Web Page  but rather in the Credential "ACME-Citrix-Personal" directly it doesn't work. Is there a way to reference the CustomProperty from "ACME-Citrix-Personal" in the Auto Fill settings of Web Page "ACME-Citrix"? If not, is there some other way to achieve separation of sensitive data from shared data in my scenario?


you should be able to refer to the custom property of the credential by prefixing it with $this: "$this.CustomProperty.RsaPin$" (without the quotes).

Does this work?

I tried that (without the quotes) and it fills the login field with the string "$this.CustomProperty.RsaPin$". Wouldn't $this only work in case the custom property  is stored at the Web Page itself? In my scenario the custom property is stored at the Credential that is referenced by the Web Page and I can't find a way to reference it for Auto Fill...

Hi Matthias,

here's how you need to set it up in order to work:

  • Create a credential object with the username, password, the custom property for the RsaPin
  • Also add the URL and the auto fill information to the credential object (not the web page object) - note that the auto fill values automatically use $this. prefix
  • Then assign this credential to the web page connection - the auto fill settings can be left blank as it would be used from the credential in this case
Let me know if this helps.


Yes, that worked. Thank you! 

But unfortunately our company policy requires me to save all credentials in KeyPass databases, which I import into RoyalTS. This means I cannot save the auto fill settings on the credential since the imported KeyPass database is read-only. Do you have an solution for this or does it mean I have to use a Credential saved in a RoyalTS (non read-only) file format?

I'm afraid in your case (credentials from KeePass) this wouldn't work. I'm sorry I have no better news for you.

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