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Updated TS to 4.2.60814.10000 - Credentials not acceptet

Just got the pop-up with a new update being available - but after installing it my credential "template" are ignored and im only prompted for "localmachine\user" credentials..

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Same here since the last update

I've created a support case - i will update the thread if anything comes up.

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Same thing here. Using my regular credentials and hosts file, it now started prompting me after this morning's update that my credentials did not work when connecting to any of the servers in my Royal TS document (v4).

From what I can see in the error message, Royal TS does not send the domain name specified in the credentials to the remote server. Instead it just sends the username without any domain specified. I have tried changing the settings for my hosts to not omit the domain name (which is off by default), without any effect. I can't see that there is any setting that removes this incorrect behaviour.



Me too :-D

Same problem here.

Same problem for me as well. I was always satisfied with this tool and the updates. But seems to be Q&S failed this time. Fix it please as soon as possible next time i won't upgrade the client directly as it takes time and now it seems to be we are as well here in the beta testing environment.


Getting this same problem reported by lots of users within our org after last update this morning.


I’m really sorry for the inconvenience! Our build from last night had a nasty bug which should be fixed in the latest build:

Please install the build from the link above and let me know if this resolves your issue. Once we have more feedback we will publish this release.

Thank you,


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Fixed in my case - #ThumbsUp

Fixed for me too 邏

Looks good. Thanks for the quick fix

Fixed for us too :-).

thx for the fast solution

The update version 4.2.60815 fixes the RDP login using the SAMaccount (domain\username) name. but introduces an issue with the User Principal Name

Looks good, fixed for me as well. Lightning fast reaction thubs up!


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