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How to use RoyalTS with Lastpass


Can someone assist me in understand and setting up RoyalTS with my Lastpass? The release notes say it is compatible with Lastpass Vault but I don't know how to set it up.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Thank you that helped a lot. I tried searching for Lastpass but just got the solution page you referenced. I needed the first link which shows how to import it. 

Thank you again, Love the software!!! 

Keep up the great work!!

Glad I could help. Thanks for the kind words!



Quick note,

It isn't accepting my username and/or password. I do have 2FA enabled for my lastpass via yubikey and/or google authenticator.

When I put in my username/password the credential screen disappears and returns. It doesn't say it was invalid.

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Can you look in LastPass in the log if the login attempt was successful? To further troubleshoot your issue, I suggest you open a ticket instead of using this thread.


Sure. I can open a ticket. 

Thank you

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