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File Transfer (SFTP/SCP) not asking for Credentials


File Transfer works fine if i saved my credentials in a terminal connection (rebex or putty). 

But if i don't save my credentials (i like to manually put in my login+pw everytime i connect to a server) a file transfer fails because of a "incorrect username or password" or " String cannot have zero length". I tried two methods...Connect with Options and Connect using Template.

When i choose Connect with Options there is a option called "Prompt for Credentials". But it makes no difference if i activate this option or not.

I think this must be a bug!?

Hi Sven,

thank you for the feedback. The next release will prompt for credentials automatically if no credentials are specified.


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Hi Stefan,

it would be nice, if prompting for public key passphrase work too. (like putty session)



I agree, Robert. That requires much more effort from our side. Since the original question has been answered/solved, can you create a new feature request for that? That would be very helpful for us to keep track of our backlog.

Thank you,

Any News? I still have the same problem. :(

If i choose "connect with options" it makes no difference if i activate the option "prompt for credentials" or not. Everytime i got the error: String cannot have zero length. 

My Credential Setting for SSH Connection: "Do not use any Credential"

works as expected.

thank you!


Sorry for opening old ticket but I have the same problem on Royal TSX 3.2.4 on macOS 10.13.1

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