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RoyalTSX always on top


I keep running into issues with RoyalTSX being 'always on top', i.e. it's above any windows behind it. This is particularly frustrating when another RoyalTSX dialog is open but is behind the main window.

RoyalTSX version: 6.0.1

MacOS version: Sonoma 14.1

Anyone else experiencing this issue? I can see reports on Windows / RoyalTS too.

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The below may be a reliable way to reproduce the issue.

Ensure you have two MacOS desktops; #1 and #2.

Open RoyalTSX on #1.

Ensure that the RoyalTSX application is assigned to 'All' desktops.

Move to desktop #2. The application is now always on top and no other windows on #2 can go above it.

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