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Unable to build Royal TSX package

We are unable to build the package using the package app on macOS. After the build, the app is crashing upon launching. Also, unable to embed the license.xml file into the package.

Attaching the crash logs for reference.

Really looking for assistance.

Hi Ditesh,

how exactly are you packaging the app? Can you provide the exact command line invocation?

Looking at the log file, it sounds like at least part of the Info.plist is corrupted so that the version number cannot be parsed anymore.

Regarding the license file, please see the following KB article which explains the valid locations of the license file:



Hi Felix,

Thanks for the response.

I'm packaging the app using package app where I'm uploading license.xml, plugins and the dmg file to build the package. 

I have gone thru the KB articles but couldn't figure out what causing the issue.

If you could assist me with the issue, that would be grateful.


Ditesh Meher 

As in my previous reply, I kindly ask you to provide more details about the way you try to package the app, like the exact command line invocation. Thx, Felix
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