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v7 - Ribbon - autohide like navigation pane

Don't recall if this is exclusive to v7.

The auto-hide option for the top ribbon is a bit different than the "docked" mode for the navigation pane.

I would love to see a 4th option (currently there are 3) for the top ribbon to be able to "dock it" or "undock it" like the navigation pane - i.e. when you hover over the top bar with the mouse the ribbon appears.

Currently the auto-hide for the ribbon means the user has to click the top bar, which resizes the bottom window, which was open. This resizing is quite frustrating.


Hi Levi,

We are using a 3rd party UI component (DevExpress) where we don't have any means to change the behavior of the component - at least not in that way. DevExpress tries to mimic the Office UI from Microsoft and implements the ribbon based on the UI guidelines provided by MS.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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Fair enough =).

Is there a way to reveal the standard window controls (minimize, close, maximize) without bringing up the ribbon?

Every time I want to minimize the window my RDP session gets resized...

I'm afraid that's not possible. You could disable smart reconnect in your RDP connections.


Mind pointing me to the correct option? I don't see that on the object or the plugin settings.

Sure, you can set it on the object properties under Display Options:

Let me know if this helps.


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