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Using Royal TS for LInux ssh session to have a highlight function

We also use an app for SSH sessions called absolute Telnet (a great app) this software allows me to type in a box a word, number, or string (whatever) and then within the wall of the text highlights what I am looking for. 

This is very handy for me as I am dyslexic.

would this be something Royal TS could look at having?

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You're welcome! Thanks again for your feedback!

Thanks Stefan that’s great news thank you so much for your time and effort

Next release will have it on board!

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Hi Rob,

thanks for reminding me. This idea got a bit under the radar. The good thing is, that we refactored a lot of the highlighting code which makes it easier to implement the search highlighting. I'm sure I can patch something up for the next release or so.


Hey Stefan,

Did you ever get a chance to look at this highlight function 



Hi Rob,

I will investigate if there's a way to achieve something similar. Since rebex is a 3rd party component we do only have limited access to the underpinnings.


Thanks Stefan,

You're part way there with the existing find functionality.

The specific functionality I need is the ability to have rebex highlight every match in the scrollback buffer at the same time so we can scroll up and down and see all matches 

(57.8 KB)

Hi Rob,

I think you are looking for the highlighting feature in the rebex based plugin:

Let me know if this helps.


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