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An error occurred while executing the dynamic folder's script

After reloading a dynamic folder to link my 1Password I got the following error:


I have python 3 already installed and also 1Password command line 2.

Any idea what is wrong?

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Hi Leila,

sorry that you are experiencing this behavior.

According to your screenshot, this problem affects Royal TSX, therefore I will move your post to the correct forum.

In any case, can you try following the steps described here:

If this did not resolve the issue, please create a new support ticket via the following link, and we will get back to you:

Best regards,


I'm trying to figure this out as well.

I got this working without issue on my Mac Mini (Intel) but i didn't download python from the web.  Something that looked like an apple installer actually installed python for me, but it was odd - it launched in the background.  So it's working on there.

But on my MacBook Pro, I installed the latest version of Python from the web and am getting this same error.

I'm trying to share the connection document between each machine using icloud documents.

Hi Corey,

if you need any further assistance please create a new ticket here and we'll try to help you as good as possible:

Best regards,


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