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Picture in Clipboard no longer paste over RDP session with Ventura Mac OS 13

Since upgrading to the Ventura RC and RC2, i lost the ability to take a screenshot and then copy screenshot in clipboard over royaltsx to an rdp session.  I typically take screenshots and then paste into outlook over an rdp session.  This has happened over the years, hoping this gets fixed quickly.


Hi Krad,

sorry that you are experiencing this behavior.

I've upgraded to macOS Ventura yesterday and was not able to reproduce the issue.

Copying/Pasting of text, files/screenshots into an RDP sessions still seems to work.

May I ask in what app you are trying to paste and if you could create a support ticket here, so we can take a look:

Thanks & best regards,


Text in clipboard works, any graphic or picture in clipboard doesn't copy over to an RDP session.

MacOS screenshot of web browser-> Copied to clipboard -> Royal TSX to RDP session -> Paste inside of Microsoft Outlook.  Since upgrading to Ventura on two seperate machines, when pasting you get the "this picture can't be displayed"

No issue copying images into any other apps but Royal TSX.

Ok did some further testing.  I am able to take a screenshot and over RDP paste into MS Paint.  From there i can copy the contents and paste into an email in outlook.

It seems there is some type of corruption occurring when pasting directly into outlook.  One version is Outlook 2016, the other is 2019.

Figured it out.  I was able to open the Clipboard manager in Outlook and when pasting, it says the content is to large for the clipboard (in office).

Hi Krad,

thanks for the follow-up and glad you figured it out.

If you need anything else let us know, otherwise I wish you a nice day!

Best regards,


Hi Krad / Support, but this is not a solution. In got the same issue after upgrading - since it was working before and it is still working with other RDP applications it must be something with royal ts. I openend a support ticket to check this. 

Glad someone else had the issue.  What i am doing now..

Taking screenshot with Snagit, editing it, copying it to the clipboard

Then royaltsx->windows RDP

I have ms paint open, and I paste into paint

After i paste into paint, hit command c to copy it again

then paste into Microsoft Office apps (outlook)

Royal TSX is doing or not doing something in the clipboard and corrupting the image in MS office app.  This has happened over the years, and a newer build has fixed it for me. 

Hope dev figures out this is an issue and hopefully has a fix soon.

Well i never had the problem in MAC OS 12. It just started in MAC OS 13. Right now i am doing the same as you via paint .. this way works but it is not really conviniend. With the free app "remote RDP" from microsoft it works like a charm directly copy and paste from Mac OS 13 to RDP in all office applications. So it must be a problem of royal RDP. 

The latest FREERDP update has resolved this issue.  I am now able to copy and paste an image/screenshot into outlook over RDP

macos->windows rdp->outlook email.


Hi Krad,

that's great news, thanks for the follow-up.

Let us know if you need anything else, otherwise I wish you a nice day!

Best regards,


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