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Disable / Remove default Plugins

Preface: I created a reply on a previous post, however, I believe it was lost somehow. 
The post was

The problem with the post is that the "implemented" isn't actually correct to what the user was asking for. The user was wanting to be able to completely remove/disable a plugin from the program. The "implemented" feature was only to remove the option from the "+" context menu. 

The idea of a plugin, at least to me, is that it is able to be disabled and not affect the overall program. 

The company I work for currently does not use VNC, Hyper-V, Terminal Services or TeamViewer in any capacity. As such, I have no need in these plugins to be shown anywhere. As we have a plugin manager to install/remove 3rd party plugins, I would like to see the ability to at least disable the included plugins. 

It also seems that there are advanced JSON files that can be used to configure the software for deployment and that is very much appreciated. However, most admins would tell you it is better to not show the option to the user at all.

Thank you for any time and consideration to this. 

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you can test this feature in the latest Royal TS V7 beta:


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