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Deactivate or hide integrated plugins

I am missing the possibility to deactivate integrated plugins. Will this be possible in the future? Best would be by AD group policy.


Hi Peter,

you are right, you can't currently disable any plugins. What we do have on our roadmap is the ability to customize the "Add" menu. Since we are seeing more and more object types Royal TS supports, we allow the user to hide those object types from that list. For example: if a user does not have use for a vmware connection type, he can hide it from that list.

I assume you want not only hide the connection type but also disable the plugin itself, so that a user cannot open the connection based on a specific plugin, correct?


Either disable them in the Plugins Configuration so that they don't show up anymore in the 'Add Connection' dialog or even better make it possible to disable them completely by using the Group Policy (registry keys).

So, just to be clear: when you say disable them completely, it would also not be possible to use the plugin anymore, correct? So, disabling "Remote Desktop" would prevent the user to connect to an RDP connection. Can you provide more details about the motivation or the use case for this feature? Are there security concerns or is this just for convenience?

Disable them completely for security reasons, yes

Just out of curiosity, what plugins would be affected and what would be the security concerns?

Teamviewer ip prohibited in our environment, just as a quick example. Others might be affected too.

Well, Teamviewer would not work in Royal TS if it's not installed on the system. So if you prevent the installation of Team Viewer, you can't really make use of it in Royal TS. Also, even if you prevent Team Viewer in Royal TS (and it is installed on the system), you can't really prevent the user to start Team Viewer outside of Royal TS. So this may not be the best example for a use case...

I'm happy to report that Royal TS 5.0 has been released and includes this feature.

For more information about the major new features of Royal TS 5.0, please head over to our

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Forgive me for bring up a old thread, however, the comment by Stefan Koell is somewhat misleading. The original author is wanting to completely disable plugins not hide them from the "+" option. 

I came to this post wanting the same thing for different reasons. My company doesn't use VNC, TeamViewer, Hyper-V or Terminal Services. VMware is even managed in a specific way. Therefore, I have no need in these plugins. While I appreciate they are there, I would really rather them not be enabled or installed and show up everywhere. 

If we have a plugins "manager" where I can install / uninstall 3rd party plugins, why can we not have the option to at least disable 1st party plugin so they do not show everywhere, not just the "+" option. 

Also, you have gone to the trouble to setup JSON files for admins to be able to deploy settings which is wonderful, however, why not allow the admin the ability to disable the plugin completely so the user isn't shown it.

Thank you for any time and consideration to this. 

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for the feedback. We are looking into that and can hopefully implement a way to disable a plugin in the next major version of Royal TS.


This is welcome news. Thank you for this decision. :-)


you can test this feature in the latest Royal TS V7 beta:


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