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Multi Monitor behavior

There was a change in behavior of  RTS  between in 6.01.50425 and 6.01.50609 which effects the way dual monitor sessions react when minimized and then reopened by clicking on the tab representing the connection

Previously the session would reopen across both monitors, now it does nothing.. This functionality is useful when working with RTS in one monitor for embedded connections but using occasional PC connections which need to open across both monitors. I need a way to minimize the dual connection to work on the embedded one and then return to the dual one.

Perhaps an context menu when clicking the tab or setting the old behavior by means of a configuration setting.


We will look into this and see if we can restore the previous behavior.


Can you update to the most recent version and confirm the previous behavior has been restored?

I updated to version 6.1.50722 but this has not restored the previous behavior

Maybe I misunderstood. Can you share a video of the behavior in pre 6.1.50425? If that's not possible, exact repro steps with screenshots with the exact steps (when you click where, etc.)?


I cant find a way to record across two monitors so Ive put screen dumps in a word doc

(1.39 MB)

Thanks for the document and clarification. I've restored the behavior as it was before and hopefully we don't run into any focus issues. When there's an external window, switching to the tab should activate it and bring it to the foreground. If you are already on the tab, you can always use the "Activate Window" function in the connection tab.

This will be included in the next minor release.


What's the version number that this has been fixed in please?

The most recent version 6.1.50722 should fix that issue. Please let me know if you see this fixed as well.

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