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Connecting to VMWare VM Console via Vcenter server

There are ways to use PowerCLI to authenticate to a vcenter server and directly connect to the console of a VM. Within RoyalTS, we can already setup a vcenter server object, have it load all the VMs and then connect to the console of a specific VM.

It would be nice if I could setup a VM Console connection that utilizes a VM by name and connects to a source vCenter server and directly launches the console when clicked. As is, the Vcenter object takes too long to load based on how many clusters/servers we have (even if you filter, which seems to occur AFTER it loads all the data) and defining vmrc URIs to load via command line requires that we know the "moid" of a VM prior, which is unrealistic to do at scale.

I'm hoping based on the fact that RoyalTS can currently connect to and provide VM information through a vcenter server, that this feature could be added easily without manually requiring all my end users to have PowerCLI installed and working.


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you can test this feature in the latest Royal TS V7 beta:


Hi Ryan,

I'm guessing you are after something similar we have in RDP for Hyper-V connections. We could add a configuration page which allows you to specify a specific VM (by name or ID) and if you connect to this connection we could open the console for that VM. Is this correct?



I haven't used RDP for Hyper-V connections, but what you describe sounds what I'm after.

I'd provide the vcenter server and credentials to that vcenter server, then I'd provide the VM name and it would launch the console directly when that connection type was run.

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