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Add support for RealVNC VNC Viewer.

tightvnc doesnt seem to work with MAC osx.

Ahhh I did not see your last answer. With this it works!!

I did not know that I have to set credentials and I waited for a window to ask me for it.

Thank you very much!

I see. Mystery solved. Glad you got it working!

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Ok, so, setting the credentials works. Its time to do something at Royal, to ask for credentials, or the error to be "set credentials" that would save 30 minutes of googling to fin this hidden post and read all replies... :D

Hi Mariano! I'm sorry that this is so confusing. We can't really change that behavior because it's part of the VNC specs/implementation. The error messages we get from the VNC server are sometimes not really helpful.

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I imagined that something like that was happening that was not "fixed" already. (and with fixed I mean just dropping the correct error) Maybe add the error to a troubleshooting guide somewhere? Maybe when connecting to vnc ask for credentials by default? and a checkbox to "do not ask" if still someone out there that leaves a vnc server without a password... Is not difficult to reproduce, just install TightVNC server on any windows 10 or 2019+ server and try to connect to it without setting credentials 

Thanks for the reply!

Sure, we always can put up a knowledge base article with some troubleshooting tips if a certain error occurs. I'm hesitant to implement "special error handling" based on generic error messages because in our experience this can also lead to confusion when that error occurs for a completely different reason. This has happened before and in the end we regretted the customized error message because the situation completely changed over time.

FYI: we created a KB article with troubleshooting tips for VNC connections: 

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Hey Stefan! thanks for letting me know. And thanks for the KB! that would be very helpful for people that run into this again :)

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