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Royal tsx — unable to broadcast input to selected terminal sessions

Hi, I am trying to broadcast input to only selected terminal sessions. I am able to broadcast to all open sessions, but not to selected ones, I tried looking in forums and royal tsx settings to find, but no luck. Can some one help or let me know if I am missing something here? Thank you

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Hello, is there perhaps some new information about this? I have situations when tabs are opened through a template, but not on all tabs I need simultaneous input, and closing tabs and opening them again is inconvenient and time-consuming.

Maybe, if there is such an opportunity, do not only the "Broadcast input to all Terminal sessions" item, but also something like "Broadcast input to all active Terminal sessions" where active are the tabs that are currently displayed, or maybe even "Broadcast input to all displayed Terminal sessions"?

As I understand it, "Royal TS" has similar functionality

And in fact it would be great to have all 3 options

- Broadcast input into all terminal sessions at once

- Broadcast input to all displayed terminal tabs (active split tabs)

- Broadcast input to marked terminal sessions (like royal ts)

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