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Embedded key results in "Invalid Format" error

I have a key embedded in an SSH connection on Royal TSX for macOS and when I attempted to establish the ssh connection it results in a warning


If I inspect the temporary keyfile that's been created at that location it's in the OpenSSH format, whereas the original key is an RSA key so I assume that is likely the issue?

Any way to work around this?

(using a path to the original key does work but that's not a good option as we need to embed this particular key)

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Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, we weren't able to reproduce the error on the latest macOS 12.1 version with OpenSSH version OpenSSH_8.6p1, LibreSSL 2.8.3

Can you please tell us your macOS version as well as the OpenSSH version (ssh -V)?

Furthermore, can you tell us, which exact error message you are getting?

Lastly, you can open a new support ticket regarding this issue here as well if you want:

best regards,

Christoph Mühlberger

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